In case of an irresponsive ticketservice, we advise to use another browser or delete you cache and trying again.

No, this is not an issue since our tickets are not tied to a name. As long it’s a valid, paid-for ticket there is no problem.

If the festival is not at maximum capacity or sold out in advance, you can get tickets at the door as long as they are available.

No, as each day-ticket is unique to that day.

All ticket-sales are final and non-refundable, you will have to find other ways to sell them.

Perfectly safe, the system we use has HTTPS-protocols and encrypted SLL-connections plus many more.

The only age-limit is at the bar where we don’t serve beer to people under 16.

No, the festival hasn’t got a campground.

Check out www.airbnb.com for accommodations in the vicinity or www.booking.com for hotels nearby.

You sure can.

As we do not offer special press/photo-passes, you are obligated to follow the same rules as any other festival-visitor.

Be sure to speak to the people at the entrance. If that’s already closed, speak to someone at the bar.


No, if you have any at the entrance, they will be taken from you.

Yes, as long if you do not damage the building while promoting (push-pins, strong adhesive, etc.. are forbidden)

Mail to info@thronefest.be for an arrangement.

Calm now, if it’s not on this website or on our Facebookpage (facebook.com/ThroneFestofficial) it means we do not have any at this moment. To put a schedule together is not an easy task, and when it will be released you can find it at our Facebook-eventpage or at thronefest.be/bands. Thanks.

And as usual:

The organization is not responsible for stolen or broken items, possessions or any other valuables.